Welcome to The Marist Art Gallery

Your children have been working incredibly hard to produce artwork that, we are very happy to say, you can now buy! All proceeds go directly to the school.

About The Gallery

The plan was for the art gallery to feature work from The Marist Catholic School children, St. Thomas More Nursery children and The Byfleet Art Group members. Due to the pandemic that hasn’t been possible, but we do have great hopes to make it a collaborative effort next year.

The Marist Catholic School

We are proud of our creative curriculum, strong community links, and fantastic facilities and we encourage all our children to be the best ‘Marist Learner’ they can be during their time with us. We aim to inspire children’s love of art through a wide variety of media and experiences.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) 

Key Stage 2 studied Matisse in the Autumn term, with a focus on understanding his style. Matisse was part of the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ movement, within which he had his own sub-group, called ‘Fauvism’.  

The pupils were introduced to oil pastels, acrylics and his famous cut-outs. They chose which medium they wanted to use, with a focus that was personal to them. 

René Magritte (1898-1967)

Key Stage 2 studied Magritte, looking at his movement, ‘Surrealism’. He was originally a wallpaper designer before joining the movement. He rejected Abstract Expressionism and wanted to refine his technique. He wanted the juxtaposition of reality and dreams to show in his work.  

The pupils focussed on Magritte’s work, ‘The False Mirror’.  They chose their medium using what they had learnt to date; pastels, acrylics, watercolours and pen and ink.

“Art to me is a really important part of my life. It’s about expressing yourself and there are so many different styles and movements that I like learning about.”

The Children’s Blog

Some of our children have written about the process of creating a picture for the school art gallery and their excitement at being involved.

year 6

Year 6

I feel that art is a way to get away from writing because I don’t have the neatest handwriting. I think that making a sculpture is 3D drawing in a way. I have been doing art since I was very little. I used to draw me and my family and now I just draw a lot of…

year 5

Year 5

Art for me is an important aspect of my life because my mum went to art college so she’s brought me up always doing art with her.  It’s one of those things that is always there if you want, like if you’re bored you can go and draw and do whatever you want.  I personally like…

year 4

Year 4

I love art, the first time I knew it I thought it’s so creative and you can just doodle your ideas on paper. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and happy because it’s just so amazing and all the artists out there are just so creative and it’s really good.  When I joined the art group, I…

year 3

Year 3

Sometimes I feel nervous and sometimes I feel fine. Sometimes I’m nervous because if I mess up with paint it can’t wash off.  Sometimes I’m ok because I just feel comfortable with what I’m doing.    I feel kind of good about art because sometimes I know what I’m doing and it’s just easy and I get what…

year 2

Year 2

I like art because I like painting and drawing, my favourite is sketching. I feel happy and inspired when I complete my art work but sad if I get a bit wrong and have to do it again. I feel proud when I have done it well and I would want my art work on the wall.   …

year 1

Year 1

I like Art because I can do like any design I want and I can think of how I would like it to be.  I can think of what it will be and if I make a mistake, I can turn it into something very cool.  Before I started, I was a bit unsure, now I’ve started I’m really enjoying…

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